Partap Sharma: playwright, author, actor, director and commentator
Partap Sharma: playwright, author, actor, director and commentator
Partap Sharma: playwright, author, actor, director and commentator.

Partap Sharma: A Touch of Brightness

Partap Sharma was born in Lahore (then India) on December 12, 1939. He was a playwright, novelist, author of books for children, commentator, actor and documentary film-maker.

Partap had a tremendous enthusiasm and a zest for life. A good chess player, he had a black belt in karate and over the years studied Zen Buddhism, the history of the Raj, took up archery, studied gems and designed jewellery and also developed a farm. His voice was for decades one of the best known English speaking voices in India, on advertisements, the weekly government newsreels and in son-et-lumière recordings.

A gifted writer, Partap covered a wide range of subjects and perspectives, and as a master craftsman delivered intricate ideas in a simple way. Like Mahatma Gandhi, the subject of one of Partap's most applauded plays "Sammy!" Partap found that uncovering the truth was not always popular.

In his entry in 'Contemporary Authors' Partap explains:
"Stories are perhaps a way of making more coherent and comprehensible the bewildering complexity of the world. I learn and discover as I write and I try to share what I have understood. This began with me when I was a child, before I could read, and when I needed to deduce a story to explain the pictures in a book. But that is just the technique; the aim is to uncover an aspect of the truth. The truth isn't always palatable. Two of my documentaries and a play were, at various times, banned. The High Court reversed the ban on the play; it is now a text in three Indian universities and has been the subject of a doctoral thesis in drama at Utah University."

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