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Dog Detective Ranjha - a book by Partap Sharma

Dog Detective Ranjha (novel)

Dog Detective Ranjha (1978) is a sweet, refreshing story for children about Sharma's Alsatian dog, Ranjha. Sharma dedicates the book to animal lovers the world over, and particularly in India where some of the world's earliest animal stories were written. Even today the streets in India are open not only to traffic and human beings but also the friendly cows and bulls who wander freely as they please, sometimes absentmindedly standing in a bus queue or staring with curiosity from the doorstep of a shop.

There are even festivals for the less loved creatures, like snakes. Birds, of course, are often fed little morsels even by those who can hardly afford a daily meal for themselves. In the great epic, Mahabharata, it is said that when the legendary hero, Yuddhister went to heaven he insisted that his dog should be allowed to accompany him.
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'Dog Detective Ranjha is glowing, refreshing, real. An outstanding book...Fulfils a deep strong need in children's literature... The publication of Dog Detective Ranjha is an exciting event.'
- Pervin Mahoney, Debonair, India

'Sharma has written a good, old-fashioned adventure story book, its rather solid virtues enlivened by the amusing device of having events narrated by the dog.
Rosemary Stones, Children's Book Bulletin (UK) 'After reading about Ranjha's adventures you feel like seeing if your dog can be trained to solve mysteries, or go out and get a dog of your own to train. But it isn't as easy as it looks! So next time you see an interesting looking dog go up to him and ask him what he did today. He might give you a strange look but he'll know you understand them'
Mallika Menon, Class XI student, The Goodbooks Trust.
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