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The Surangini Tales - a book by Partap Sharma

The Surangini Tales (novel)

The Surangini Tales (1973) is an enchanting story for children, about what we value and seek in life - love, trust, friendship and peace. Surangini is the daughter of a rich and powerful Zamindar (aristocratic landowner). She is the most beautiful maiden anyone has ever seen. Kalu, the poor weaver, loves her, but only the wealthiest of eligible young men can ask for her hand in marriage. Unless, Kalu with his deft hands, quick wit and unselfish love can produce something like a miracle, unexpected and amazing, on the day she is to choose her bridegroom!

Beautifully illustrated by Vandana Bist, it was first published by Harcourt Brace Jovanovich, New York, 1973 and reprinted several times since. An Afrikaans edition was published by Tafelberg in 1976 and Katha Books, New Delhi, published an abridged version in 2005.

"I love writing for children because it gives me the greatest freedom. Here you will find hope alive. You can reorder the world." Partap Sharma.

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"I remember reading this book when I was in elementary school. The first time I read it is I was entirely entranced. After that, I probably re-read this book dozens of times. This is an excellent book full of culture and great stories."
Jeremy D. Oestreicher

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