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Top Dog (novel)

Top Dog (1985) has more stories about Ranjha, the dog detective. Ranjha, a real dog, an Alsatian, lives with his owner, Partap Sharma in Mumbai. Ranjha has been so skilfully trained in the art of tracking that he has become famous for the crimes he has solved.

All the stories in this book are based on real cases and Ranjha tells us, in his own words, about some of the most puzzling he has helped to solve. He tracked down a local thief, he got involved in a particularly unpleasant case of what seemed to be ritual murder, he solved the mystery of a series of thefts from a warehouse that had reduced the owner of the goods to despair. He helped to find and return to her family a little girl, who had been kidnapped.

Partap regularly played chess with Sir Dinshaw 'Fali' Petit, who on one occasion tried to put a price on Ranjha, Naturally, selling Ranjha was out of the question, but Partap dedicated the book to Sir Dinshaw.

It was first published by Andre Deutsch, and reprinted several times by Rupa and Company.


"Partap wrote Top Dog following on the success of Dog Detective Ranjha… The first chapter is about how to catch a crook and all about his commands and signs. When he does something right he gets a treat like a biscuit or a cone… The book ends with the return of Woof and Ranjha's joy. He is cuddled by the whole family and they settle down to a life of happiness. Very enthralling books--they are given good reviews at the back. I thoroughly enjoyed reading them and hope to find others like these in the future."
Madhav Raghavan, student, eleven years old, - The Goodbooks Trust.
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