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Julius Caesar a CD by Partap Sharma

Partap Sharma's solo performance of Julius Caesar by Shakespeare.

Partap described why Julius Caesar was the first in the series "My secretary told me about her neighbour's child who just wouldn't take to Shakespeare, and was getting bad grades in school. Julius Caesar was his English lit text. I thought the best recourse was to read it to him. When I did, his attention was riveted by the ebb and flow and stirring public addresses that distinguish this Shakespearean epic. Therefore his mother pressed me to record it." It was launched by advertising and theatre legend Alyque Padamsee who commented: "This CD will be a treasure for all lovers of literature and even students who hate Shakespeare. It will open not just eyes but ears as well because Shakespeare exists in the space between the actor's mouth and the audience's ear. Children learn Shakespeare by reading, which is wrong. He should be acted out."

Julius Caesar (Audio CD)

Partap Sharma's daughter, well known actor Tara Sharma played the role of Juliet in a UK production, said: "I studied Julius Caesar during school. Some things came back during the reading. It is a great effort by my father."

Julius Caesar, by Partap Sharma

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Reviews of Julius Caesar

"Commonly acknowledged as one of the most recorded (for advertising shorts) voices of India, actor-playwright and thespian Pratap Sharma's latest venture - a solo recording of Shakespeare's Julius Caesar is a literary tour de force. It makes for spell-binding listening as he holds the stage all alone, lending each character a completely distinctive tone and nuance. This recording ... is particularly remarkable, since Sharma was on oxygen at all times to combat emphysema, a lung ailment from which he has been suffering for the past few years." - Gaver Chatterjee, Education World.

"Quite a solo feat. He lent each role a certain shading, using nuance, inflection…" -Indian Express.

"Awe-struck…they call it 'The Voice of God'. In a sense, Partap Sharma is a god of the airwaves… He has an unmatched reputation." - India Today.
Julius Caesar the play on CD, performed by Partap Sharma
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