Partap Sharma: playwright, author, actor, director and commentator

Macbeth a CD by Partap Sharma

Partap Sharma's solo performance of Macbeth by Shakespeare.

In Macbeth, Partap had the challenge of three witches speaking simultaneously. "We had to record thrice, pitching the voice differently each time" explained Partap. "When we speak, we use mainly four notes. But thanks to my singing, I discovered I have a vast range of notes to draw from, not just four. I've found I can cover between two and three octaves now something I could not do before. That's when I thought of doing an audio version of the Shakespeare's Macbeth and pitching different voices for the different characters. This was much harder than the audio versions of Julius Caesar and The Merchant of Venice that I had done before. This play had many more female characters, and I gave them all different vocal gaits, accents and articulation."

Macbeth (Audio CD)

Macbeth, by Partap Sharma

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Reviews of Macbeth

"It comes as no surprise that the man with the golden voice needs no advertising or publicity for his work. The commercial success of his previous audio books have been purely through word of mouth. Sharma, the man they call simply 'the voice' has voiced all the characters in the play, from the three witches to Macbeth himself - an aural treat. The series is also testimony to the writer-documentary filmmaker-actor's fighting spirit as he battles with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease and emphysema." - CNN/IBN

"Alyque Padamsee commented during an interview by Gaver Chatterjee: "This CD will be a treasure for all lovers of literature and even students who hate Shakespeare. It will open not just eyes but ears as well because Shakespeare exists in the space between the actor's mouth and the audience's ear. Children learn Shakespeare by reading, which is wrong. He should be acted out."

"Quite obviously even though he is down, Sharma is far from out." Gaver Chatterjee (Mumbai)
Macbeth the play on CD, performed by Partap Sharma
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