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The Merchant of Venice a CD by Partap Sharma

Partap Sharma's solo performance of The Merchant of Venice by Shakespeare.

The recording of The Merchant of Venice followed quickly as Julius Caesar had generated considerable enthusiasm among students, parents and educators in India's commercial capital. The first batch of 50 CDs placed at Mumbai's popular music store Rhythm House in January sold out overnight. In Shakespeare's own era, female parts were played by young boys whose voices had not yet changed, as it was considered improper for women to appear on stage. In the Merchant of Venice, the challenge faced by Partap as a baritone was to emote the female voice of Portia in a convincing way. "I used to imagine that I was a female with breasts" explained Partap. Readers will also recall with amusement that Portia herself had to venture into the male world in order to free Bassanio.

The Merchant of Venice (Audio CD)

Commenting on the fact that Partap Sharma has spoken of fifty different characters in the plays, even the females voices such as Calpurnia and Portia, Alyque Padamsee said:

"It's a wonderful rendition, a lesson in articulation and diction, worth hearing again and again. …This CD will be a treasure for all lovers of literature."

The Merchant of Venice, by Partap Sharma

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Reviews of The Merchant of Venice

"The recording has an amazing range of voice - without break for changing from one character to another. Partap Sharma, the Golden Voice of India…" - Hindustan Times.

"Shakespeare comes alive loud and clear. Partap's is among the most marvellous voices in not just India but the world. This recording of one man speaking in so many accents will be a staple for young students." - The Times of India.

The Merchant of Venice the play on CD, performed by Partap Sharma
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