Partap Sharma: playwright, author, actor, director and commentator

Plays by Partap Sharma

A Touch of Brightness

This controversial play is based on recognisable social reality and is about a girl sold to a brothel and her relationship with a street urchin, who tries desperately to rescue her from her life as a prostitute. It is Partap Sharma's best known work; written in 1964 when Partap was just 24 years old.

Begum Sumroo

Set in the late eighteenth century this play published in 1997 traces the picaresque adventures of a legendary historical figure from British India; a peerless courtesan who morphs into a powerful ruler, known for her political accomplishments as well as her amorous liaisons.

Zen Katha

The Zen Katha of Bodhidharma is a historical play about the founder of Zen who was also a master of martial arts.

Sammy! The word that broke an Empire

Published in 2006, this intriguing play, portrays Gandhi's journey from a tongue-tied lawyer to a shrewd politician and finally the Mahatma (Great Soul). It has travelled round the world and been contracted for in English, Hindi, Gujerati, Tamil, French, Hebrew, Arabic and Russian.

SAMMY! Le mot qui brisa un empire

The French edition of 'SAMMY! The word that broke an Empire' was published by Versant Sud, in 2010 and launched at a presentation at the Embassy of India in Brussels.

Brothers under the Skin

This one-act play was staged at a drama competition at St. Xavier's College, Bombay, in 1956, it won two prizes.

Bars Invisible

A three-act play; first produced in Bombay by the Indian National Theatre on 10th June, 1961.

The Word

This three-act play was first produced for the Bombay Arts Festival by the Theatre Group, directed by Alyque Padamsee, it opened on 26th March, 1966.

The Professor Has a Warcry

A five-act play first produced in Bombay by the Impermanent Theatre on 15th January, 1970, published by ENACT, India.

Queen Bee

This full-length play has an all-female cast. It was produced and directed by Sam Kerawalla in Bombay, 1976.

Power Play

This is a satirical farce, produced by Hosi Vasunia & the Dynasty Club, Bombay, directed by Toni Patel, 1991.

Review of SAMMY!

'The play is full of gems of wisdom taken mostly from Gandhiji's writings and put into a discussion between the Mahatma and Mohan.The playwright has an interesting way of changing the scene to carry the play forward. Listen to Mahatma when he says, "If the good succeeds, God is good; if the evil succeeds, God is evil. So my concern is not God as God may turn out to be, but the Truth. Because truth is God." ... "But how can an ordinary person like me tackle such a vast crowd?" asks Mohan. "Reach out to them, take away the blindfold and they will see...they called you Sammy," without completing the sentence the Mahtama withdraws.'
- Romesh Chander in The Hindu
Sammy - watch the play online
Sammy! - watch the play online
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