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Partap Sharma & Shakespeare's Julius Caesar
'The Voice of India' states the citation on Partap Sharma's award of 2004. Partap has recorded over 5000 commentaries for news reels, documentaries, and audio-visuals like the son-et-lumiere presentation at Delhi's Red Fort. Today he's better known for tele-serials and plays but voice culture has led to his latest creative enterprise, a challenge by any standards.
A conversation with Partap Sharma by Meher Pestonji (January 2007).

Am I Pampering Myself? - Partap Sharma & Shakespeare
Not long ago he was known as 'the Voice of India'. But if he carries on in the present vein Partap Sharma might deserve a new nomenclature, 'the Voice of Shakespeare'. For after a solo recording playing all the characters of Julius Ceasar he has just completed 'Merchant of Venice' and is preparing for 'Macbeth'.
In conversation with Meher Pestonji he talks about his latest project, which, for a patient of emphysema, is also a health achievement (July 2007).

Interview with Partap Sharma - award-winning author and playwright
Five of Partap Sharma's most memorable plays deal with very diverse subjects. In this interview he describes the research and preparation for Begum Sumroo, A Touch Of Brightness, Zen Katha, Sammy! and Days of the Turban, (June 2011).

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